Aaron Clarke-James

Office Manager

Aaron stared with us at the beginning of 2021 to take over the office duties here at Little Moe’s. Aaron comes from 10 years of retail experience, 5 of those being on the management team. Originally from Dartmouth, Aaron moved to Truro a few years back. Growing up Aaron loved playing sports and tried to be outside as much as possible. One of the things he loves about living the Truro area is never being too far from a trail.

Aaron is our Manager Jessica Tighe’s other half. They have 4 dogs together, Pinot, Jagar, Ella, and Nyx. Aaron originally didn’t see his future being involved in the dog world but he has quickly fallen in love with it all around. Aaron has plans to start training and down the road hopefully to start competing competitively. For any information surrounding Little Moe’s and the services we offer, reach out to Aaron in the office.