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Little Moe’s K9 Academy offers classes to help you train a puppy right up to competition in a number of disciplines including Agility and Rally. With all of our instructors certified in Operant Conditioning Behaviour Analysis, you can have peace of mind knowing you are receiving expert instruction from the most experienced professionals around.

On our events page you will find information on a number of up coming events that we either facilitate or participate it. In case you missed out on one of the past events, we also include information on these too so that you can be ready for the next one.

Puppy Preschool

Training a puppy is an essential step in the life of your new pet. Our trainers have the most experience in canine behaviour around and they will teach you, and your puppy, the skills you need to build a strong and lasting foundation.

PUPPY PRESCHOOL- (Puppies 8 weeks – 11 weeks) 
Monday – Friday “FREE” up until 11 weeks old with a deposit of $50.00 towards a six week puppy kindergarten class.

Start your puppies out on the right path for a happy, healthy successful life. Class is designed for building great social skills for your puppies. With our puppy preschool class we cover:

Monday – Friday “FREE” up until 11 weeks old.

  • Basic behaviours on how to play appropriately with other puppies and owner
  • Educating owners on how to deal with any behaviour issues that are apparent or how to avoid creating behaviour problems with their new best friend
  • Working on things like grooming and toenails
  • Puppy agility equipment to exercise and build coordination skills
  • all puppies must be veterinarian checked with their first vaccinations and parasite free 



PUPPY KINDERGARTEN – ( 10 weeks – 24 weeks) 
5 week course –
Registration Videos and demo’s on how we are going to train. Please bring the whole family
$175.00 plus hst

We love to see the whole family attend. We will work on building your puppies confidence with puppy equipment like tunnels, trampoline, dog walks, wobble boards and more. Puppies will be taught fun recall games so the word “come” is fun. We will teach them basic behaviours like sit, down, come, heel position, walking on a loose leash.  Deal with any behaviour issues before they get out of control and learn ways of not reinforcing unwanted behaviours. It’s really important while training to make it fun for both the handler and the puppy. So we are going to teach you some steps to incorporate fun tricks with your obedience training. Again we can’t stress enough to include the whole family in the training,  Included when you register for the class is a clicker and booklet with important information and class homework sheets.


OBEDIENCE LEVEL 1 – ( 6 months + ) 
5 week course – Registration Videos and demo’s on how we are going to train. Please bring the whole family
$175.00 plus hst

This  class will be a basic manners and problem solving class. Teach your dog all your traditional basic obedience moves sit, down, stay, come, heel position and walking on a loose leash. We want to take it a bit further and educate handlers on how to read basic dog behaviour, is your dog stressed, happy, scared ? Can you tell the signs ? How will you deal with them if there is a problem ? Deal with jumping, barking, biting, chewing, etc.  Finally we will do meet and greets with people and other dogs teaching the dogs to be appropriate, wait at the door, off or leave it, go to your mat and walking on a loose leash with different distractions. Included when you register for the class is a clicker and a booklet with important information and class homework sheets.


(must have completed level 1)
5 week course – $175.00 plus hst

Little Moe’s K9 Good Citizen – Now you have your basic manners and have learned a little bit about Behaviour. Let’s raise our expectations a little bit!! Working your dog at home or in a more controlled environment like an obedience class is great!! How do we get them fluent in their behaviors anywhere we want to take them?  For example going for a walk down town, your neighborhood or going to the park. At least two weeks of this class we will be meeting in different locations in town to work your dogs in real life situations. Other things we will be working on are lots of recalls (come), sit for a friendly stranger, stand stay while being groomed or having an exam, longer stays, faster downs (drop) more meet and greets and heel work. Finally we will pick one more trick to add to your training to make things fun !!! 


(must have completed level 1 & 2)
5 week course – $175.00 plus hst

Letting your dog off the leash takes time, lots of good reinforcement, making yourself more important than anything else, consistency!! This class is for those people who want to take their training to another level. Don’t think you have to be competitive to do this class. If you love working with your pooch small to giant and you want to challenge yourself and have a really well trained dog try this you will be surprised how much fun it can be !!!!!  We will work towards off leash recalls, off leash heeling,  out of sight stays, targeting exercises, we will work with the competitive Rally obedience signs and be tested at the end of the course. We will also train at least two weeks of the 6 week course in another location. 

Custom Classes

Pricing depends on sign up and course content.
Do you work away and are only home a short period at a time? Talk to us about how we can help you train your pooch while you are away! Are you a shift worker? Ask some friends  or co-workers to join and we will tailor a class to your schedule.

Just Come 

Instructor – Jessica Tighe – 5 Weeks – $250.00 plus hst
Does your dog come when you call he/she the first time ? Would you like to make that happen ? Little Moe’s K9 Academy can make “come”  fun and consistent for you and your pooch with some creative fun exercises. You will need a long line, sneakers, and your best happy voice !!!!

Rally Obedience

Novice, Advanced, Excellent – 5 Weeks $160.00 plus hst

Have you ever though you might like to achieve an obedience title on your dog but really didn’t know where to start? Did you think competing was only for purebreds? Well non-purebred dogs can compete in the Canadian Kennel Club obedience and rally obedience trials now. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved!!If you love working with your dog and would like to challenge yourself a little more try this class !! Even if you are not interested in competing but would like to learn new things, rally obedience is a really fun sport.

For the Competitive Spirit 

Fun Agility

5 Week course – $150.00 plus hst

Have you ever thought you would like to teach your dog some tricks but just didn’t know where to start? You might be surprised

Foundation work including:

  • Targeting, jumping skill, tunnel work Sphinx drops, running recalls, stays
  • Building a relationship with you and your dog
  • Lots of fun turns, Lots of tunnels, chutes, tables and jumps

Agility For Reactive Dogs

Max 5 dogs per class – 1.5 hours week
5 Weeks – $150.00 plus hst

Do you have a dog that has dog aggression, leash aggression, anxiety, and just not able to socialize or hang out with other dogs?Would you like to do something fun with your best friend that builds confidence, and get some exercise to boot? We specialize in dealing with dogs that have behaviour issues!!

We want to see them have fun too!All dogs will be kept separate, when one dog is on the equipment the others will be out of the arena. We also have 4 separate yards (in the summer months) that we will be utilizing with different drills, so everyone is not just standing around.

Dogs will be accepted for the class on a case by case assessment with Yan Mowatt. At that time Yan will explain in more detail how the class is going to work.

Competitive Agility Classes

5 Weeks – $150.00 plus hst

Dog agility is a fun and exciting Dog Sport in which the handler directs their dog through a series of obstacles and competes for time and accuracy. It is a great way for you and your dog to enjoy some exercise, and one another’s, company at the same time.

Recall Class – Just Come

5 Weeks – with Jessica Tighe
$200.00 plus hst

Facility Rentals


Includes facility equipment
$30 – HOUR
($25/hour for existing Little Moe’s clients)
$175 – FULL DAY


Includes facility equipment
$25 – HOUR
($20/hour for existing Little Moe’s clients)

Important info for all classes.

To ensure everyone using our facility is able to enjoy a fun and safe environment, please note the following information that applies to all classes. If you have any question, please call us for more information.

1. All dogs must be free of internal and external parasites.  Proof of appropriate immunization is required in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our visitors.

Little Moe’s Events

2. Training a puppy is a family affair, so please bring the whole family as consistency is very important especially for your new puppy.

3. New class registration night will be one week prior to the actual start of the class.  Please do not bring your puppy or dog with you as this night is just for you. We will get everyone signed in and will spend some time letting you know what to expect during the class and what you will need to bring with you.