Sue Nestruck-Wheeler
Professional Pet Stylist

Sue has come to us all the way from Winnipeg MB. where she was well loved and established in the professional pet grooming industry for the past 16+ yrs. Sue takes great pride to ensure all clients, owners and their pets, receive professional service with care and compassion.

Sue and her standard poodle Brittanica have spent the past year exploring Nova Scotia, participating in Rally, Agility, Scenting, Dock Diving, earning trick titles and are now ready to get back to the career she loves. Sue is a master animal Reiki and energy healing practitioner and looks forward to offering these services to the community.

Grooming Salon

These prices are estimates;
prices vary depending on several factors including:
Dogs coat condition, behaviour of the dog, the type of cut requested or required, or other factors.

Groomer reserves the right to assess your dog’s coat condition prior to starting their groom. Dogs receiving regularly scheduled grooming (every 4 to 8 weeks) may qualify for a discount

Full Groom

Full groom includes bath, shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and if possible hair clipped in desired cut.

General Price by Size Doodles

-Shorthaired Small dog (up to 30 lbs.): $30.00+ -Mini (up to 20 lbs.): $50.00+

-Longhaired Small dog (up to 30 lbs.): $45.00+ -Medium (20 lbs-60 lbs.): $65.00+

-Shorthaired Medium dog (30 lbs-60 lbs.): $45.00+ -Large (60 lbs-80 lbs.): $80.00+

-Longhaired Medium dog (30 lbs-60 lbs.): $55.00+ -Extra Large (80 lbs. &over): $90.00+

-Shorthaired Large dog (60 lbs. and over): $60.00+
-Longhaired Large dog (60 lbs. and over): $75.00+

Little Moe’s K9 Academy is more than just a school for dogs. Yan has brought together the exemplary services of other professionals under one roof to offer you the best quality care and training that you will find anywhere.

Whether you are looking to explore one of the many wonderful dog sports for you and your best friend; Are looking for a class to teach you and your new puppy the basics of obedience; Or your little pouch is in need of some TLC with a day at the spa and a fresh cut, Little Moe’s K9 Academy is the place to go. 

Please contact us to book your appointment or get more information on grooming and spa services.

Bath & Nails

Regular Full groom clients only. Service includes Bath, Blow Dry, and Nail Trimming.

-Small dog (up to 30 lbs.): $25.00 – $35.00 -Nails: $15.00

-Medium dog (30 lbs-60 lbs.): $35.00 – $55.00 -Nails, Pads & Foot trim: $20.00

-Large dog (60 lbs. – 90 lbs.): $55.00 – $65.00 -Sanitary Trim: $5

-Giant dog (90 lbs. and over): $65.00+ -Brush Out (30 min)$25.00

Tidy Up Services

Any dog that is shedding excessively will be combed out
Brush Out w/nails – $30.00

from necessity and charged accordingly.
*Clients who pre-book on a regular 4-8 week schedule may qualify for a discount.
*Brush out includes 30 minutes of brushing with a spray on conditioner & spritz of cologne.