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With 38 years in the industry, Yan Mowatt knows a thing or two about what your dog needs and has brought these professional services together under one roof. At Little Moe’s K9 Academy you will find the expert care and training you need for the pet you love. 

Personal Touch Day School

Starting at $30+tax/day per dog


/day for 1 dog

We all want to make the most of our time, why not do the same for your pet? At Little Moe’s K9 Academy your pet will truly receive THE PERSONAL TOUCH in a more structured environment then a regular doggy daycare. Our trainers will choose training activities to suit your dogs unique needs, and keep them busy, happy (and tired!).

Our Personal Touch service is offered in either full or half-day 

  • Full Day (1 Dog) = $30.00
    • Second Dog + $12.00
  • Half Day (1 Dog) = $23.00
    • Second Dog + $9.00
  • Student Price (1 Dog) = $22.00

Personal Touch + Overnight

Starting at $40+tax per night per dog



Whether you are going out of town for the weekend, for a long vacation, or just staying home and need a break. We can give your pup a fun, safe and educational place to stay! Overnight guests will be included in our Dayschool program if they are here throughout the week.

During their stay you can pre-book a nice hike around our beautiful property, a swim in our large pond, climbing the shale pit in the woods or just a relaxing walk in the fields and woods.
If you would like a little extra fun or something specific, check out our smarty pants package.

  • Overnight Pen (1 Dog) = $45.00
    • Second Dog + $22.00
  • Overnight Crate (1 Dog) = $40.00
    • Second Dog + $22.00

Smarty Pants Special

Custom training designed for you!


/night for 1 dog

The smarty pants special ensures your pup will get 1:1 attention everyday with us. Do you have something specific you would like worked on? Let us know! We do walks in the woods, swims in the pond, agility equipment like tunnels, jumps, dog walks and more, we can work on basic obedience, manners, crate training and recalls (come). We try to make it fun and educational. ( *Minimum stay of four nights)

Please note: This is not meant as a regimented training program. What we can accomplish during their stay will depend on the stress level of the dog while being away from home, if the dog is food or toy motivated, how long the dog is staying. What we can guarantee is that we all make their stay more fun, keep them safe, and busy.

Our team is also pleased to offer custom Stay & Trains to help address specific behavioral needs.
Depending on the goals, a minimum stay may be required. Please contact us to receive a quote.
Day School passes can be purchased in bulk (5 or more) for either full or half-days starting at $28.00/day + tax.

In order to give the best training/care to your dogs, we kindly ask that you book online in advance. All Prices +HST

Drop off is anytime after 6:00am and pick up is anytime before 6:00pm. If early/late pick up is not arranged you will be charged for another full day.

Services you will find at Little Moe’s

Expert Care & Training

We offer several other services such as our Smarty Pants and Personal Touch to give your dog a day away from the house or a more extended stay.  We also offer a wide range of classes and our new Puppy Power Program.

When your Dog stays at Little Moe’s K9 Academy, they can receive the following training and care:

  • Personal training w/ one of our experienced staff members, in a fun positive environment
  • In house training for problem solving and social skills
  • Working with your dog in groups or private sessions
  • Building and reinforcing basic commands like sit, come, down, and the heel position
  • Teaching your dog to be appropriate around other dogs, people, noises, and other distractions
  • Meet and greets with people and other dogs
  • Teaching your dog to be polite at the door
  • Keeping your dog active with fitness and confidence building using our agility equipment

We welcome all breeds at Little Moe’s K9 Academy along with intact dogs. We kindly ask that female dogs stay home during heat cycle.

Instead of leaving your best friend at a traditional boarding kennel, consider sending them back to school! Whether they need to brush up on basic manners, work on specific behavioural problems or even learn a few great tricks to wow the neighbours, our unique one-on-one training program can help. 

Like people, sometimes dogs develop behaviours that grow from annoying habits to real problems. And like people, these can be changed with the help of qualified professionals. Little Moe’s K9 Academy offers many personalized services to help sort out the problems and get your dog back on the right track through our Behaviour Modification for Problem Dogs and Private Consultations.

You can find out more about these and the other services we offer by contacting us for more information. 

Products you will find at Little Moe’s

Providing you and your dog the tools for success!

Not only do we offer a wide range of classes, seminars and training opportunities, we are proud to carry training equipment so your dog can continue learning at home.

Products we carry include:

  • Gentle Leaders
  • Clickers & Pouches
  • Homemade Treats
  • and Little Moe’s Custom Apparel!

Please contact us for a full list of what is currently in stock!

Little Moe’s K9 Academy is a proud reseller of Inukshuk! Inukshuk is produced in a family-owned facility in Federicton, New Brunswick under the strictest safety and quality assurance guidelines in the industry. CoreyTEC™ innovations in pet food allows them to deliver the highest levels of nutrition and energy in the market. Their nutrient-dense formulas mean you feed less than the common brand dog food, stretching each bag further.

At this time, we only carry the following:

  • Inukshuk 26/16
  • Inukshuk Marine 16
  • Inukshuk Marine 25